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Copyright Policy
Unchanging Truth
Copyright Policy

The following stipulations govern the content of unchangingtruth.com for questions of usage, copyright, and permissions:


For those printed materials that allow reproduction of the content for non-commercial purposes in accordance with Unchanging Truth’s Copyright Policy, you may duplicate and distribute such materials without prior permission as long as you follow the restrictions outlined below.

1. You may duplicate and distribute the full text of the printed material.
2. You may not edit the content in any way.
3. You may not charge for the material (even to recoup your costs).
4. You may link to the printed materials displayed at the Unchanging Truth website,
    but you may not post them on your own website.

Unchanging Truth reserves all copyright protections under applicable law. Unchanging Truth reserves the right to revoke or modify these permissions at any time.

Please contact Unchanging Truth with each separate request for permissions regarding our printed material that does not allow for reproduction of the content for non-commercial purposes.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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